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Pharmaceutical Equipment Division

Pharmaceutical Equipment Division

Pharmaceutical Equipment Division is an important part of Galbino (Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd., specializing in providing integrated solutions for pharmaceutical equipment. With professional design and strong resource integration capabilities, we provide customized optimal solutions for many pharmaceutical companies around the world. Our products follow ISO, CE, GMP standards, and our services cover the entire process of design, installation, commissioning, and personnel training to ensure that all customer needs are met. 


Our product line covers two fields of liquid filling and solid preparation, including pharmaceutical filling and packaging production line (vial/ampule/BFS/PP), non-PVC soft bag forming-filling-sealing production line, pharmaceutical water treatment system, Solid preparation overall solutions, etc., to meet the different needs of customers.

Why choose Galbino

-Professional technical team: The team members have more than 10 years of industry experience in the field of pharmaceutical equipment, and provide customers with professional technical support such as design and optimization.

-Integrated solution: According to customer needs, provide customers with complete production line solutions.

-Best cost performance: Integrate the advantages of Chinese manufacturing to provide customers with the most cost-effective solutions.

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